Recovery Service


Have you lost a metal object or a piece of jewellery?

We as a club or individual members can provide a recovery service using our detectors.


What you need before contacting us

  1. A general idea of where you lost your item.
  2. If on private property or farmland you need to get the landowners permission for us to use a detector. Permission on public beaches is not required as our members have permits.
  3. Description of the item lost.


What it will cost you

This service is free. Why? because we love detecting and will do it at any given opportunity.


What you should do now

If you have all the above details then contact our Secretary (email details are on Contact page). He will then contact members and find someone available to get back in touch with you and to make arrangements to help with your find.

Of course there are no guarantees that we will find your item but we will certainly do our upmost to reunite you with it!